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Welcome on the main page of the Department of Mathematical Stochastics. On this page you will find information about Stochastics in Freiburg, about the professors and members of the Department, current informations about teaching (mostly in German) and on seminars and talks.

The Department of Mathematical Stochastic is headed by JProf. Philipp HarmsProf. Peter Pfaffelhuber, Prof. Angelika Rohde and Prof. Thorsten Schmidt. You may be interested in the secretariat and the further more than 20 members of our group. For informations on a Master/Bachelor thesis, please directly contact the professors you target.

Stochastics is a focus of the Bachelor / Master studies in Mathematics at University Freiburg. In particular, Financial Mathematics is a special profile of the Master Mathematics.


Current news and talks

16.04.2019 Prof. Steven Kou (Boston University): A Theory of FinTech


Previous news and talks

04.04.2019 Benedikt Köpfer: Comparison of stochastic processes by Markov projection and functional Itô calculus
03.04.2019 Roman Haak: Algebraische Strukturen stochastischer Integrale und ihre Anwendungen
26.03.2019 Lars Niemann: Nichtlineare Phänomene in der Finanzmathematik
14.03.2019 Jonathan Ansari: Risk bounds in partially specified factor models
07.03.2019 Felix Hermann: On Dualities of Random Graphs and Branching Processes with Disasters to Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes
18.02.2019 Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Statistical Uncertainty Quantification
08.02.2019 Elisabeth Pröhl: Existence and Uniqueness of Recursive Equilibria with Aggregate and Idiosyncratic Risk
07.02.2019 Vorbesprechung des Bachelorseminar der Stochastik 07.02.2019, 10:00 Uhr Raum 232, Ernst-Zermelo-Str. 1
05.02.2019 Workshop of the Freiburg-Strasbourg Research Group with Hans-Jörg Albrecher
09.11.2018 Dr. Lukas Steinberger: Statistical estimation under differential privacy constraints
08.11.2018 Thorsten Schmidt: Deep Hedging. MathFinance Flow event, Frankfurt
23.10.2018 Lars Niemann: Konsistente Erwartungen und Arbitrage
02.10.2018 5th meeting of the Freiburg-Strasbourg Research group at FRIAS
06.07.2018 Prof. Dr. Eckhard Platen (University of Technology, Sydney): Towards Less Expensive Production in Insurance and for Pensions
01.-04.7.2018 The 10th Freiburg-Wien-Zürich Seminar takes place at Wolfgangsee, Austria.
18.06.2018 The Research School in Financial Mathematics will take place in Ibadan, Nigeria, from June 18 to 23, 2018. Dr. Tolulope Fadina from our Department is co-organizing this research school in Nigeria.
12.06.2018 Video on Youtube of Rama Cont's talk on Universal Price Formations on Financial Markets: A perspective from Machine Learning (May 2018, Freiburg).
12.06.2018 Video on Youtube of fields medallist Wendelin Werner's talk on the (quantum) disk as patchwork of (quantum) disks (Feb 2018, GPSD Freiburg).
17.05.2018 Prof. Rama Cont (Imperial College London):
Universal Features of Price Formation in Financial Markets: Perspectives From Deep Learning
17.05.2018 Prof. Akihiro Kanamori (Boston University): Ernst Zermelo, Freiburg and Set Theory
14.05.2018 Workshop at FRIAS on model risk and robust finance, May 14 - May 18, 2018.
13.03.2018 Mathematics Day am FRIAS
08.03.2018 Prof. B. Rajeev: Translation invariant diffusions : Some examples and applications
27.02.2018 Stochastiktage 2018 in Freiburg
26.01.2018 Prof. Dr. Johanna F. Ziegel: Higher Order Elicitability
2nd Workshop of the Freiburg-Strasbourg Research Group with Laura Ballotta and Rudi Zagst
12.12.2017 Weijun Yu wurde am 12. Dezember promoviert zu dem Thema: Infinite-dimensional affine models under incomplete information
Dr. Christiane Fuchs: Understanding Biological Processes using Stochastic Modelling
Prof. David Siegmund: Detection and Estimation of Local Signals

Even more news and talks you may find here

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