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Math in the Black Forest

Workshop on New Directions in Shape Analysis


(Münster valley; courtesy of Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH)

Topic and history of the workshop

Shape analysis is an inter-disciplinary area of research with applications in medical imaging, evolutionary development, and fluid dynamics. The workshop brings together researchers in this field to discuss promising new directions. It is the 6th instance of a series of workshops, which were held at the following locations:

  • Math on the Beach – Shape Analysis Workshop in Foxton Beach, New Zealand, 2013.
  • Math in the Cabin – Shape Analysis Workshop in Bad Gastein, Austria, 2014. (website)
  • Math on the Rocks – Shape Analysis Workshop in Grundsund, Sweden, 2015. (website)
  • Math in the Mine – Shape Analysis Workshop in Tende, France, 2016.
  • Math in the Countryside – Shape Analysis Workshop in Skrunda, Latvia, 2017.

Confirmed participants

  • Alice Le Brigant
  • Boris Khesin
  • Elodie Maignant
  • Martin Bauer
  • Martins Bruveris
  • Nicolas Charon
  • Peter Michor
  • Philipp Harms
  • Sarang Joshi
  • Stefan Sommer
  • Stephen Marsland
  • Steve Preston
  • Xavier Pennec


  • Getting to Freiburg:
    • Flight to Basel, airport bus from Basel to Freiburg (45min, 20€)
    • Flight to Zurich, train from Zurich to Freiburg (2h, 60€)
    • Flight to Frankfurt, train from Frankfurt to Freiburg (2h, 70€)
  • Getting from Freiburg to Hinterzarten:
    • Train from Freiburg to Hinterzarten (30min, 5€, group tickets available)
  • Getting from Hinterzarten to the hut:
    • Group taxi from Hinterzarten to the hut: 25-30€ per car
    • Taxi Herrmann from Hinterzarten to the hut: phone 07652-1666
    • Taxi von Darl from Hinterzarten to the hut: phone 07652-982515
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