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Selected talks

  • Recombination as a tree-valued process along the genome, 2015, Slides

  • The partial duplication random graph, 2014, Slides

  • Selective sweeps in structured populations, 2014, Slides

  • Evolution under horizontal gene transfer in bacteria, 2013, Slides

  • Path-properties of the tree-valued Fleming-Viot process, 2011, 2012, Slides

  • A mathematical model for the quorum sensing system in Sinorhizobium meliloti, 2012, Slides

  • The tree-valued Fleming-Viot process with mutation and selection, 2011,2012, Slides

  • The infinitely many genes model for genomic diversity in bacteria, 2009, 2010, Slides

  • The Brownian ratchet for protein translocation, 2009, 2010 Slides

  • The tree-length of an evolving coalescent, 2009, Slides

  • Approximating genealogies under genetic hitchhiking with recurrent mutation, 2008-2012, Slides

  • Approximate Genealogies under Genetic Hitchhiking, 2007-2012, Slides

  • On the rate of Mullers ratchet; facts, heuristics, asymptotics, 2008, Slides

  • Evolving genealogies in neutral populations, 2005-2007, Slides

  • Random metric measure spaces, 2007, Slides

  • The MRCA process in an evolving coalescent, 2006, Slides

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